Designed to help you safely practise the application and use of your CellAED®

The CellAED TRAINER™ is important for every instructor or CellAED® owner to have to practice how to use it in an emergency.

The trainer can be used as many times as you want and the voice controls are all from a free App that allows different scenarios to be practiced with a manikin. The App is available for Apple and Android phone users from the App Store.




Reusable training device

* For training purposes only and will not defibrillate
** Reusable pads can be removed and washed in warm soapy water to reinstate the adhesiveness as it wears over time

Practising with Your CellAED TRAINER™

Practising life-saving techniques has never been safer and more effective with the CellAED TRAINER™. Immerse yourself in lifelike scenarios by utilizing the CellAED TRAINER™ app, guiding you through activation and application steps with the 'Snap Peel Stick' method. Pay attention to special considerations, such as maintaining a safe distance for patients with pacemakers. Respond confidently to various scenarios, including shock delivery or CPR, following the app's voice instructions while avoiding physical contact during critical stages. 

Same size and feel as your CellAED®


📢 Audio voice prompts
Practise using your CellAED TRAINER™ with the same audio voice prompts included in your CellAED® - which will guide you through the CPR and defibrillation process.

▶️ Instructional video
Set in chapters from identifying sudden cardiac arrest through to how to deactivate your CellAED® after use.

🚻 Adult mode
A pre-programmed setting for you to hone your skills in the use on an adult.

🚼 Infant mode
Practise the steps of how to apply and use CellAED® on an infant.

⭐️ Responsive mode
Ideal for teaching and group training exercises. Get familiar with hearing each voice prompt and practise associated action at your own pace.

⭐️ Automated mode
Have the option to select Random Scenario to test your listening and reponsive skills to simulate a real life situation or select Scenario to practise and hone your skills on a specific example. E.g. Shock advised versus not advised. 

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