Summary Information about your CellAED®

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Proper Storage and Usage of Your CellAED®

Storing Your CellAED®

Store your CellAED® in a visible and easily accessible location, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. The ideal storage temperature is between 15 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Preparing for Cardiac Arrest Situations

If you encounter someone in sudden cardiac arrest, they will be unresponsive and not breathing normally. Immediately call emergency services, start CPR, and retrieve your CellAED®.

Activating CellAED®

Remove the CellAED® from its protective packaging by breaking the tamper-evident seal and opening the case. Follow the 'Snap, Peel, Stick' method for activation and application.

Using CellAED® on Infants

For infants under 10kg, place one pad with the blue button on the chest and the other on the back. Press the 'Infant' button as prompted and remove the front pad for chest compressions. Reapply the pad at the end of the CPR cycle.

Continuing Treatment

Follow the audio instructions for CPR and heart rhythm analysis. Continue until emergency services arrive or if it becomes unsafe to continue. If the patient does not revive, continue CPR until help arrives.

Deactivating Your CellAED®

After use, peel the gel pads from the patient and stick them together for at least five seconds to deactivate the CellAED® and stop voice instructions.


Knowing how to properly store and use your CellAED® in emergency situations is critical. Regular training and familiarity with the device enhance your ability to respond effectively.