CellAED Course overview

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Introduction to CellAED Operation and First Aid Course

Course Overview

Before diving into operating your CellAED, this course provides essential first aid skills to ensure your safety.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding Cardiac Arrest: Learn about the nature of cardiac arrest.
  • Contacting Emergency Services: A guide on how to reach emergency services and provide accurate location information.
  • Addressing Apprehensions: Addressing concerns about delivering first aid while prioritizing safety with personal protective equipment.
  • Fainting and Recovery Position: Handling scenarios where the patient is breathing but unconscious.
  • CellAED and CPR: Utilizing CellAED and administering CPR to enhance proficiency.

Skills Acquisition

At this stage, you will learn how to operate your CellAED, perform CPR, and improve CPR proficiency.

Assessment and Certificate

Concluding the course, guidance will be provided on undertaking assessment and downloading your completion certificate.