Shutting down your CellAED®

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Proper Handling of CellAED® During Emergency Situations

Transitioning to Professional Emergency Services

When emergency services arrive, it's crucial to follow their instructions and allow them to take control of the situation. They will replace your CellAED® with their own defibrillator equipment.

Removing CellAED® from the Patient

Before the arrival of professional help, remove the CellAED® from the patient carefully. This step is essential to make way for the emergency services' equipment.

Shutting Down CellAED®

To shut down the CellAED®, firmly press the two gel pads together for at least five seconds. This action will deactivate the device, stopping its voice instructions and rendering it inoperable as a defibrillator.

Final Deactivation of CellAED®

The device may continue to provide voice instructions for a couple of minutes, depending on the treatment stage at shutdown. Once completely shut down, you will hear the final instruction:

CellAED® sound: “Device deactivated”

After this point, the CellAED® cannot be reactivated.


Understanding the correct procedure for removing and shutting down the CellAED® is critical in emergency scenarios, ensuring a seamless transition to professional medical assistance.