Who will arrive when you call 999

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Understanding Emergency Services Response: Who Will Arrive When You Call?

When you dial 999 or 112 for emergency services, you might assume an ambulance will be the first responder. However, depending on the severity of the situation, other professionals may arrive first to provide assistance.

Types of Responders to Emergency Calls

Standard Calls: Ambulances

For standard calls, an ambulance may be the first to arrive. However, for more severe situations, such as strokes, cardiac arrests, or heart attacks (Category A calls), additional responders may be activated.

Community Responders

Community responder networks are overseen by the NHS and vary by region. These qualified professionals can arrive quickly, equipped with oxygen and a defibrillator, to provide immediate assistance before an ambulance arrives.

GoodSAM App Responders

The GoodSAM app allows qualified individuals to register and receive alerts for serious emergencies in their area. When an alert is received, they can respond quickly, providing additional support before professional responders arrive.

Paramedics in Cars

In some cases, a paramedic in a car may arrive first to provide initial treatment before an ambulance arrives.

Other Professional Responders

In certain regions, the fire service or police service may also be dispatched to provide assistance during serious emergencies.

Community AED Units

Community Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units are available in some locations, such as local convenience stores. When calling 999 for a cardiac arrest, the operator may provide a code to access a nearby community AED unit. Someone can retrieve the unit while waiting for professional responders to arrive.

The ambulance service will do everything in their power to get help to you as quickly as possible. In serious cases, multiple responders, including community responders, GoodSAM app users, paramedics, and other professionals, may arrive to provide assistance.