Practising with your CellAED TRAINER™

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Practicing with Your CellAED TRAINER™: A Comprehensive Guide

Safe Practice Guidelines

While applying CellAED TRAINER™ pads to a person's skin is safe, practicing chest compressions on a conscious person is not recommended. Use your CellAED TRAINER™ with the accompanying app for a realistic training experience.

Starting Your Practice

Begin by selecting a mode and scenario in the CellAED TRAINER™ app. Ensure the reusable gel pad liner is facing the correct direction. The 'Snap Peel Stick' method is used for application, with audio guidance provided through the app.

Activation and Application Steps

  • Snap: Break the CellAED TRAINER™ in half to separate the pads.
  • Peel: Remove the protective liner completely.
  • Stick: Apply pads to the training patient's skin, ensuring correct placement and adherence.

Special Considerations

For patients with pacemakers, ensure electrode pads are placed at least 2.5cm away from the device. Follow voice instructions from the app for correct placement on infants or adults.

Responding to Different Scenarios

Follow the CellAED TRAINER™ app's voice instructions for scenarios involving shock delivery or CPR. Ensure no physical contact with the training patient during these stages.

Practicing CPR

Practice CPR techniques on a manikin, pillow, or flat surface. For infants, use two fingers for chest compressions; for adults, use the heel of your hands.

Continuing the Therapy Cycle

Follow the audio instructions for ongoing CPR and heart rhythm analysis. In case of an infant, reapply the pad to the chest after stopping CPR.

Completing Your Training Session

Continue the cycle until the arrival of emergency services or until it is no longer safe or possible to continue.


Regular practice with your CellAED TRAINER™ ensures preparedness in emergency situations, enhancing your ability to respond effectively.