How to use your CellAED® on an Infant

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Using CellAED® for Infant Cardiac Arrest: A Step-by-Step Guide

Infant Mode in CellAED®

The CellAED® has a built-in mode for infants weighing less than 10kg (22 pounds), typically under 1 year old. If unsure of the infant's weight, continue treatment in adult mode without delay.

Assessing the Infant

Instead of shaking, gently tickle the infant under their feet or arms to check responsiveness. Use the head tilt-chin lift method to check breathing without overextending the airway. If there's no normal breathing, call emergency services and start CPR.

Performing CPR on an Infant

Remove clothing to expose the chest. Use two fingers to deliver chest compressions at a rate of 100 to 120 per minute.

Applying CellAED® to an Infant

Follow the voice instructions to apply the electrode pads:

  • Place one pad with the blue button in the centre of the infant’s chest.
  • Roll the infant gently to place the second pad in the centre of their back.

Activating Infant Mode

Press the blue button labelled "Press for infant use only" when prompted by the voice instructions to activate infant mode:

CellAED® sound: “For infants, press infant button”

Continuing Treatment

After applying the pads and activating infant mode, follow the voice instructions for CPR and rhythm analysis:

  • Remove the pad from the infant’s chest before starting CPR.
  • Continue CPR as instructed, reapplying the pad to the chest when instructed to stop.

Completing the Therapy Cycle

The CellAED® will instruct you through the therapy cycle, including when to analyse heart rhythm and provide chest compressions. Continue following instructions until emergency services arrive or it's no longer safe to continue.


Properly using your CellAED® in infant mode is crucial for effective response in emergencies. Regular training and familiarity with the device can significantly improve outcomes in infant cardiac arrest scenarios.