Practise deactivation with your CellAED TRAINER™

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Managing and Maintaining Your CellAED® and CellAED TRAINER™

Shutting Down Your CellAED® Personal Defibrillator

After using the CellAED®, it's necessary to deactivate the device to stop voice instructions. To do this, adhere the two gel pads together for at least 5 seconds. You may hear continued instructions for a few minutes before the final deactivation command:

CellAED Sound: "Device deactivated."

After this, the CellAED® will not be operational again.

Deactivating Vs. Resetting Your CellAED TRAINER™

Deactivating the CellAED® is different from resetting the CellAED TRAINER™. Practice the deactivation step with the reusable TRAINER™ pads.

Resetting the CellAED TRAINER™

After a training session:

  • Gently separate the two halves of the TRAINER™.
  • Press the button to retract the ribbon cable.
  • Realign the edges and replace the protective liner.

Maintaining Adhesiveness of TRAINER™ Pads

To maintain the pads:

  • Clean with a soft cloth and soapy water when they lose stickiness.
  • Allow them to dry completely before reattaching.
  • Align arrows on pads with the TRAINER™ enclosure.

Distinguishing Between Your CellAED® and CellAED TRAINER™

It's vital to recognise the differences between the two devices:

  • The CellAED® is single-use and stored in a protective case for emergencies.
  • The CellAED TRAINER™ has reusable pads and can be reset.

Training and Confidence

Regular practice with the CellAED TRAINER™ is essential for confidence in emergency situations. Remember the learn-practise-repeat cycle for effective training.


Understanding how to manage both your CellAED® personal defibrillator and CellAED TRAINER™ is crucial for preparedness in sudden cardiac arrest situations.