Unboxing your CellAED TRAINER™

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Preparing Your CellAED TRAINER™ for Use

Unpacking the CellAED TRAINER™

The CellAED TRAINER™ comes in a protective case similar to the actual CellAED® personal defibrillator.

Opening the TRAINER™ Case

To access your TRAINER™:

  • Break the tamper-evident seal by pulling the tab marked “pull”.
  • Remove the yellow tape around the case.
  • Extract the TRAINER™ from the case for use in training.

Differences with CellAED® Personal Defibrillator

The CellAED® personal defibrillator is single-use and should remain in its protective case until needed in an emergency situation.

Additional Packaging Layers

The personal defibrillator includes an extra transparent barrier bag to preserve the hydrogel on the electrode pads. This bag must be torn open for emergency use.

CPR Instructional Guide

Inside the protective case, you'll find CPR pictures. Keep these handy during training sessions with your TRAINER™ for reference.


Correctly unpacking and understanding the CellAED TRAINER™ and the CellAED® personal defibrillator is vital for effective training and emergency preparedness.